Online Hungarian tax consultancy in English

Adótanácsadás angolul

Online tax consultancy in Hungary & Online Hungarian tax advisory in English

Our tax consultancy services are suggested for small and medium-sized enterprises and private persons, who would like to receive advisory services in all areas of Hungarian, EU and international tax systems:

  • corporate tax (CIT)
  • employment related taxes (PIT – Personal income tax)
  • Preparation of annual personal income tax returns (PIT) (to be submitted to the Hungarian Tax Authority – NAV)
  • Hungarian tax liabilities of foreign individuals (foreign-resident or Hungarian-resident or Hungarian non-resident)
  • tax transactions
  • VAT / Indirect tax
  • tax compliance
  • real estate taxation
  • transfer duties
  • environmental taxation
  • heritage and gift tax
  • environmental fee
  • energy tax

The scope of our tax advisory services covers the answering of general or specific taxation issues and professional advice including the gathering of background information relating to specific transactions, furthermore we can answer any questions arising in everyday business…., so we can offer

  • One to one (personal) meetings,
  • Telephone consultancy,
  • Online consultancy, online advisory (via e-mail),
  • Advisory letter creations.


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Our consultancy fee can be hourly fee, project fee or permanent monthly fee.

• Hourly fee

Primary we are using this fee structure for one-time consulting. In this case (after receiving the details) we will send in advance the pre-calculated fee offer for acceptance. (Our standard hourly fee is: 9,000 HUF.)

• Project fee

If the task takes more than 20 working hours, then we will use the project hourly fee in case of pre-calculated fee offer creation. (Our project hourly fee is: 7,500 HUF.)

• Permanent monthly fee

Sometimes the requirement can be long term consulting (more months) with several questions during that time, for that case we can offer standard monthly fee: 100.000 HUF / month.

• Urgency fee

Generally we are sending our advisory letters in 7 days, however there is chance to create it earlier, if it is urgent. In this case please indicate the “urgent” word in the details will be sent to us.

Company Details:

Name: Business & Law Consulting Üzleti Tanácsadó Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Address, mailing address: 4032 Debrecen, Tücsök street 3. (Hungary)
Registration number: 09-09-025291
Tax number: 11291464-1-09
Bank account number: 10300002-10605770-49020014 (MKB)

Contact details:

Owner: Istvan dr. Sagi
Location of activities (personal meetings): Budapest or Debrecen.
Phone: +36 20 42 11 795
Email: dr.sagi.istvan(a)